Vision - The vision of the IP society is to ensure holistic development of the youth while inculcating traditional value system, promoting the use of technology, fostering global competency and including a quest for creativity; innovation and excellence in students for contributing to national integration and development and for producing socially responsible and aware future citizens to hold I. P. College's torch high..
MISSION - In its mission, the society is committed to cater to the educational needs of the area at large and socio - economically weaker sections of the society in particular. The society aims to pursue quality and excellence and to set pace in the field of higher education through novel educational endeavors for achieving fullest development of human potential in order to meet the future demands and challenges in context of emerging global knowledge society.
'Satyamev Jayate, Tamso maa Jyotirgamay' "(Truth always triumphs and lead me unto light)".
'Vidhya Dhanam, Param Dhanam' "'The Wealth of Learning is supreme".
Contributing to national Integration and Development.
Fulfilment of educational needs of society.
Quest for excellence
Preservation of Indian Culture and Heritage..