Grievance Redressal

To promote the welfare of students, IP (PG) College Campus 2 Bulandshahr has a robust mechanism for handling student grievances related to academic, non-academic and other matters.

Academic Matters

The grievances related to academic matters like Admissions, Transfer Certificates, Character Certificates, Project / Internship, Internal Assessment and External Examinations are addressed by specific committees designated for this purpose.

Objectives of Grievance redressal committee

Grievance redressal committees are formed with the purpose of providing a platform to the students to address their issues and get them resolved. The committees are required to handle students’ grievances and provide speedy resolution for the same.
In general, the objectives of these committees are:
• To ensure that students get prompt solution to their problems;
• To ensure harmonious student – faculty relationship;
• To provide a platform for essential communications and bridge the communication gap related to various academic matters;
• To provide a platform to students for expressing their grievances freely and ensuring that it would be handled without any biases.
For the purpose of handling grievances in academic areas, the college has the following committees:
1. Admission grievance committee
2. Internal assessment committee
3. External Examination committee
4. Certificates Related Committee
5. Project / Internship Committee
6. Financial
7. Library

Admission grievance redressal mechanism:

The college ensures that grievances/complaints of students are handled promptly for necessary action. The nature of admission related grievances includes:
• Irregularity in the admission process adopted by the college;
• Not having relevant certificates;
• Problem in Online registration process;
• Information furnished in prospectus that might seem false or misleading;
• Breach in reservation policy in admission as applicable;
• Refund of fees in case a student withdraws admission within the stipulated time;
• Issues of clarity relating to admission in various cut-offs
The institution takes necessary steps to ensure smooth conduct of admissions within the college. These are:

1. Formation of committees:

The names of the committees and their members are displayed/notified on website of college.
i. Admission Grievance Committee: A separate grievance committee is formed to handle problems of students related to admissions. This committee ensures that all grievances of students are duly taken care off.
ii. Specific Nodal Officers: To ensure just and fair admissions for all, the college goes a step further in appointing separate nodal officers for specific categories such as:
• Nodal Officer – SC/ST
• Nodal Officer – OBC
• Nodal Officer – PwD Category

2. Receipt of complaint:

If any student has a complaint/query/grievance, then he/she /they may either lodge a written complaint on college grievance portal and send it to college.

3. Action taken at committee level:

On receipt of the complaint, the grievance committee tries to resolve it within the committee, if unresolved then it is directed to the core admission committee/ HOD.

4. Action taken by the Head of the institution:

If committees are not able to resolve the issue or the student is not satisfied with the committee’s decision, then the complaint may be filed with the Head of the Institution for necessary action.

5. Reporting to the University:

If the complaint is related to a matter pertaining to decisions at the university level, then the complaint is forwarded to the concerned person at the university level seeking a resolution for the same.

Internal Assessment Grievance Redressal Mechanism

College in sync with the CCS University meerut directions follows all the guidelines to ensure that the process of continuous assessment is efficient and in the best interest of students. The Institution has two levels to address the grievances related to internal assessment- Department and College. The protocol established by the college for grievance redressal aims to make the mechanism time bound, transparent and efficient.

Nature of Grievances: The Internal Assessment related grievances include:

• Not Satisfied with Internal Assessment.
• Incorrect uploading of Internal Assessment marks
• Marks not visible to the students on the university portal
• Late submission of assignment
• Non submission of assignment due to medical issues, family emergency or academic/ non-academic event participation
• Non attended sessional exam due to medical issues, family emergency or academic/ non-academic event participation
• Project / Internship related
• Any other.


• All the faculty members must adhere to the guidelines laid down by the CCS university MeerutOrdinance for the Internal Assessment.
• In order to maintain transparent Internal Assessment mechanism, every department may deliberate upon any internal assessment related issues, by discussing it among the faculty members.
• The College ensures that every student signs the hard copy of the Internal Assessment after a careful scrutiny before sending it to the examination branch of the University(if any discrimination is found).
• The Internal Assessment Committee constituted by the college may intervene if the subject teacher and the department are experiencing difficulties in sorting out the issues at their end.

External Examination Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The college has an examination committee which is responsible and accountable for handling all examination related issues. This committee comprises of nodal officers which acts as a connecting link between students and the university. The committee deals with examination related grievances of the following nature: Pre examination issues
• Papers opted by the students are not reflected in the date sheet;
• Late submission of examination fee;
• Missing admit card;
• Matters related to students found using unfair means
• Appearing late for the exam. Post examination issues
• Marks are not uploaded;
• Delay in declaration of results;
• Non transparent or unfair evaluation practices;
• Student is wrongly marked absent in the result; Procedure of grievance redressal
• The aggrieved student submits the problem/complaint in the form of an application to the committee.
• Depending on the nature of the issue, the committee tries to resolve the problem as early as possible. • If the problem is related to the University, then the committee forwards the same to the University and approaches the concerned person for redressal.
• If the student is not satisfied with the college level efforts on the matters related to the University, then he/she/they is free to directly write an application to the University.

Non-Academic Matters Grievances

related to non-academic matters are taken care off by separate committees formulated for this purpose, such as:
• Issues related to indiscipline: Discipline Committee
• Issues related to Ragging/Bullying: Anti-Ragging Committee
• Issues related to sexual harassment: Internal Complaints Committee etc.
• Issues related to Discrimination: Equal Opportunity Cell and Caste based Discrimination Committee
• Issues related to Infrastructure/facilities and administrative section
• Any other issues: Students’ Advisory and Grievance Committee

Financial Matters Grievances

related to financial matters are taken care off by separate committees formulated for this purpose, such as:
• Issues related to Fee
• Issues related to Fine
• Issues related to Transport Fee
• Issues related to scholarship / Fee Reimbursement
• Issues related to Infrastructure/facilities and administrative section

Library Grievances

Related to library grievance are taken care of by library committee formulated for this purpose, such as:
• Issues related to Books
• Issues related to Fine
• Issues related to Lost of Issued Book
• Issues related to any other issue related to library
• Issues related to Infrastructure/facilities

Any other issues:

Students’ Advisory and Grievance Committee